Dork Dimension: Year 6

For six whole years we’ve been kicking it on the Dork Dimension! That’s a pretty long time in Internet land, where stuff gets picked up and dropped as quickly as you might pick up a Star Wars Black figure at Toys R Us then put it right back as soon as you realize it's Greedo. It doesn’t seem like 2008 was that long ago, but a lot has changed in those six years.

Return of the Walking Dud, Part II

The Walking Dud are back to horrify your action figure collection once more! True Cast Studio is dropping another release of these Glyos-compatible zombies, featuring one in a Pheyden Blue colorway and another with "Ultra Rotten" paint apps. Here's the low-down from Marty "TheGodBeast" Hansen:
The Walking Dud drop is August 31st @ 8pm CST
There will be 2 different figures with different price points:
  • $8 for the Pheyden Blue Dud in factory sealed baggie
  • $15 for the "Ultra Rotten" Dud in factory sealed baggie
  • $20 for the "Ultra Rotten DX" Dud in clamshell w/ header card

Click through for pics, starting with...

Kre-O Star Trek USS Enterprise Review (Hasbro)

I’ve been a hard-core action figure collector since the old POTF2 days. Although action figures are all kinds of awesome, nowadays they are often more collectibles than they are toys. The industry is starting to veer towards more kid-friendly stuff (the Guardians of the Galaxy mini-figure line in particular is a lot of fun), but I’m still a little apathetic in regards to the whole action figure thing as it is right now. I just want a little more “toy” out of my toys, I guess.

A Tribute to the Crew of the USS Voyager (Playmates Toys)

I recently completed my quest to watch every Star Trek episode from every series, and one series that I found to be surprisingly entertaining was Voyager. When it first aired I was totally fried on Star Trek so I just dismissed it, but I’m glad that I finally got around to watching it. Unlike Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, both of which needed a couple of seasons to get their bearings, Voyager hit the ground running. Even the earliest episodes were strong and it was clear that the producers knew exactly what they wanted to do with the series from the get-go. And unlike the other series that lost a bit of the magic in their later seasons, Voyager maintained its quality all the way through. I’d argue that the best of Voyager was never as good as the best of either TNG or DS9, but it was a consistently good Star Trek series, even if it never became great.

12" Raphael Review (Playmates Ninja Turtles Movie)

There's a lot of hoopla going on around the Internet about the Ninja Turtles from the new movie. The Turtles have all been drastically redesigned, which naturally rubs some fans the wrong way. But I think this movie needs to bring something new to the table, something that can distinguish it from the previous TMNT movies and make the Turtles more visually interesting for the big screen. And these new Turtles could do just that. Sure, they're a little on the Rob Liefeld side (actually, they scream "Kevin Eastman", so I'm sure he had a hand in the designs), but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. I've been really looking forward to getting some of the movie action figures, so I'll start my foray into this new Turtle universe with 12"-scale Raphael!