Rise of the Beasts is back!

So I was nonchalantly picking up the mail last week when I found a mysterious little package from Jon Karis of LittleRubberGuys.com. I opened it up and was surprised to see figures from the Rise of the Beasts line! I immediately pulled a Professor Farnsworth: "Whaaa..?"

Kabuto Mushi MKII, Wave 4

Mushi Mania returns with a new wave of Kabuto Mushi figures from TGB Customs! This fourth iteration features 5 new clear-plastic colorways. Also featured are a couple new official builds, the Instar Warrior and Instar Drone, that show the versatility of the KM sculpt. I consider the Instar characters to be Mushi's evil nemeses, but I suppose they can serve as faithful allies too, depending on your preference. Click through to check out the latest swarm of Kabuto Mushis! And keep in mind that you can pick up these guys over at TheGodBeast Store.

Expanding the Playmates Star Trek Universe Through Customization

Playmates churned out a couple hundred or so Star Trek figures back in the day. And yet... it's just not enough. I've been contemplating creating new figures by mixing and matching parts of existing figures (you might think that's cheesy but Playmates did it often enough so that makes it a-okay in my book). I just haven't had the impetus to give it a try. But I got an email recently from Redshirt #7 (aka Redshirt Dan) who sent along a pic of his "Generations Data with Mr. Tricorder" custom. I asked how he did it, and his response was so interesting and detailed that I thought, "Man, this would make a great blog post." So here it is! I also asked him to send shots of his customs and some random body parts so we can see what they look like on the inside. Take it away, Dan!

Dork Dimension: Year 6

For six whole years we’ve been kicking it on the Dork Dimension! That’s a pretty long time in Internet land, where stuff gets picked up and dropped as quickly as you might pick up a Star Wars Black figure at Toys R Us then put it right back as soon as you realize it's Greedo. It doesn’t seem like 2008 was that long ago, but a lot has changed in those six years.

Return of the Walking Dud, Part II

The Walking Dud are back to horrify your action figure collection once more! True Cast Studio is dropping another release of these Glyos-compatible zombies, featuring one in a Pheyden Blue colorway and another with "Ultra Rotten" paint apps. Here's the low-down from Marty "TheGodBeast" Hansen:
The Walking Dud drop is August 31st @ 8pm CST
There will be 2 different figures with different price points:
  • $8 for the Pheyden Blue Dud in factory sealed baggie
  • $15 for the "Ultra Rotten" Dud in factory sealed baggie
  • $20 for the "Ultra Rotten DX" Dud in clamshell w/ header card

Click through for pics, starting with...