Dork Dimension Meets Dr. Sci Fi!

Hey, my first podcast appearance! On the latest episode of the The Dr. Sci Fi Show, I talk with the good doctor about a subject near and dear to my heart: Playmates Star Trek figures! It was a lot of fun to explore the coolness of the Playmates Trek line, a line that I think doesn't get the coverage it deserves. It's always weird to hear myself talking, though... for some reason I imagine that I have a dynamic and interesting voice like George Clooney, but in reality my voice is more like Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds. But let's not loose sight of what's important here: Playmates Star Trek! Take it away, Doc! And be sure to check out more cool toy-related podcasts over at!

And for Dr. Sci Fi fans coming here looking for Star Trek stuff, you can check out... well as my Star Trek toy reviews and toy tributes! Enjoy!

Dork Dimension on Twitter! Again...

As you might have noticed, the Dork Dimension is now on Twitter! Or, I guess I should say, it’s back on Twitter.

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Playmat and Wrestling Ring

Mark has been teasing the Mystical Warriors of the Ring playmat for a while now but it will finally become a reality at C2E2! The cool thing about indy toy companies is that they often come up with innovative ideas for playing with and displaying your figures, and this playmat is a great example of that. It'll be test-marketed at C2E2 but in the meantime let's check it out!

Kabuto Mushi MK II, Wave 2

Mushi Mania continues! This is the second wave of the Glyos-compatible Kabuto Mushi figures, featuring purple, blue, black, glow-in-the-dark, and silver colorways. The figures in this wave also come with their respective Mini Mushis, so you’ll have a little minion to fight alongside your warrior. Let’s check them out!

Giant Size Godzilla, Then and Now (Mattel Shogun Warriors, JAKKS Pacific)

The Giant Size Godzilla from JAKKS Pacific is my most eagerly-anticipated toy of the year. Infinite Hollywood was among the first to get it, and man, I was jealous after reading Newton's review. He mentioned the old Shogun Warriors Godzilla so I thought it would be fun to do a Then And Now post contrasting the new guy with my old buddy. Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to find the new Godzilla, so here he is in all his 24"x43" glory! Let's see how he measures up with the classic from Mattel!