Toy Pix: 1989 Batmobile 1:43 Scale, Then and Now

I've been wanting to start a good Batmobile collection for a while, but I've been confused how to begin. What scale should I collect? Action-figure scaled Batmobiles are awesome, but their size makes them difficult to display and store. Hotwheels-scaled Batmobiles are cool, but they're a little too small to look impressive on display. When Eaglemoss announced its Batman Automobilia Collection, I thought its scale might be a good compromise. As it turns out, the first Batmobile in the collection, the 1989 movie version, is roughly 5.5" long... almost exactly the same size as the Ertl Batmobile from the year the movie was released! Let's check out the 1989's Batmobile... then and now!

Batmobile (Ertl, 1989)

As cool as the Eaglemoss Batmobile is (we'll get to that in a minute), I was surprised at how well this Ertl Batmobile holds up. Even though the detailing is a little soft and the paint seems globby, there are a ton of details to catch your eye. Sticklers to screen accuracy will balk at the bat-symbol on the roof, but I can live with it. In fact, I might even prefer it there. 

Batmobile (Eaglemoss, 2013)

And here we have the Eaglemoss version of the same Batmobile. The details are much sharper and the matte paint finish is more accurate. (At first I thought the Batmobile's paint was more glossy, but on a repeat viewing of the movie, it's clear that it's matte.) There are more paint apps on this Batmobile, like the silver turbine in the front and jet engine in the back, which give the Batmobile more color variation at the expense of screen accuracy. The Batmobile is screwed into the base, and presumably you can remove it, but I didn't feel the urge to tamper with success. The base is too cool to risk damaging, especially since it creates a little diorama, complete with mini-Batman!


  1. I like that newer one the display really makes it all come together and would look great anywhere from your toy shelf or your office desk.

  2. I collect both 1:64 and 1:50 batmobiles. The hot wheels size makes it easy to zoom them around on your desk making squealing tire and jet engine noises; but the 1:50 scale looks more impressive without eating up a bunch of space.

  3. @clark: I'll probably keep getting the Hot Wheels size, if anything because they're fun and cheap. By the way, apparently these Eaglemoss Batmobiles are 1:43 scale.

  4. I have the Ertl Batmobile on my desk right now. It holds up VERY nicely! Though mine is a little scuffed up since it saw a TON of play. Also, yours has a few additional paint apps, like the silver on the sides, but mine is def Ertl.