Toy Pix: Shelf Expression - The "Catch-All" Shelf

It's been a month or so since I've participated in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, but this is one assignment I just couldn't miss. Our marching orders this week are to post photos of a shelf of items that displays our love of pop culture. As a toy collector, I have a bunch of shelves that would have worked well for this assignment, but I opted to showcase my "catch-all" shelf in the Dork Vault (also known as the toy storage closet). Let's take a look!

Left: Starbase Station

On the far left of the shelf, we have the Starcom Starmax Bomber docked at the Starbase Station for refueling and maintenance. In front, Officer Big Mac keeps watch with his wide unblinking eyes, along with Chuck E. Cheese and a Mordel from Rocks & Bugs & Things. Army Ant commandos guard the station.

Middle: Skull Island

In the middle, Mezco and McFarlane King Kongs roar in unison. Directly in front of them, we see Huppahickasillia, Grumpyrubleosus, and Yoggayoggyitus from the GERMS line, along with SOTA's Dhalsim and the impossible-to-photograph Ambush Predator by Kenner. A vinyl Gizmo and Tenderheart Bear sneak in on the right. And in the front, we see my budding Marx Dinosaur collection.

Right: Zombieland

And on the far right we see the Staypuft Marshmallow Man along with the Amok Time Tarman. But the star of the shelf is an awesome Tarman bust sculpted by my friend Jason that seems to lunge for my brains anytime I walk into the Vault. Three Madballs "round out" the display (har har): Fist Face, Splitting Headache, and Skull Face.

Other Leaguers feel the need for Shelf Expression, too:


  1. Really a nice mix of everything. : )

  2. I stumbled upon your blog while checking out the league assignment. I really enjoyed your display. I totally forgot about those Germs toys! I also had a few of those madballs. Thanks for brining back some good memories. I you get a sec check out my blog I only just got it up and running this week.
    Good stuff!

  3. Thanks! And great site, Rich! Keep up the good work! :)

  4. My favorite is the Zombie Land. Tarman bust looks funny, not scary. and I like it, great sculpt!! :D

  5. I love those Marx dinosaurs. I came across a bunch of those at a toy show a few weeks ago, but they were pricey!

  6. @Brian: They can be expensive, but I'm amazed at the level of detail and realism they got in the figures. They're something like 50 years old and they look better than many of the dinosaur toys nowadays!